Meshekow Furs

A  fur is a very valuable possession and can be an important family heirloom. Therefore, your fur should be insured in case of loss or theft. Here at Meshekow Furs, we include a free insurance appraisal with every new fur purchase at our store. The completed appraisal should be given to your insurance agent, who will place a designated rider on your homeowners insurance policy for the replacement value of your garment.

We suggest having a updated appraisal done every two to three years due to market fluctuations as well as to assure you have a current replacement value for each garment. Bring your furs in to our store and for a nominal fee, we will provide a formal appraisal for your insurance, resale or estate value purposes. We will thoroughly inspect, prepare and issue a formal written fur coat appraisal for your insurance, resale or estate purposes.