Meshekow Furs

Meshekow Furs offers the largest onsite cold storage facility in New England!

  • We offer a state of the art, secure, modern,  climate and humidity controlled vault for your summer storage.

  • Storing fur garments in cold storage when you are done wearing it for the season or not using it. This is one of the most important steps you can take in preserving your furs. Storing your fur at home in your closet during the summer could markedly damage your fur and reduce its longevity. During the off season, furs MUST in 50 degree / 50% humidity to ensure you get the most out of your fur.

  • We are bonded, our facility if fully insured. We understand the monetary and sentimental value that is invested in your fur. We take excellent care of it.

  • All items are inspected for rips, tears, and/or defects by a master furrier and brought to the owner's attention.

Ironing and Glazing

  • We include ironing and glazing free of charge to all customers that store their garments with us.

  • Ironing/Glazing of fur garments is a process that uses a specialized fur steam iron. This process brings out the natural beauty and sheen of your fur. This is included at no additional cost with seasonal storage.

Fur and Shearling Cleaning

  • We clean all fur garments via the "Meshekow Method," that has been essentially unchanged over the last twenty years. 

  • This process is essentially chemical free and is not in the least harmful to your precious garment. It removes dirt, chemicals, salt, pollution, and odors while leaving your valuable fur or leather supple and silky smooth.

Storage & Cleaning


Seasonal Cold Storage, Ironing and Glazing at no additional charge. 

Cost: $65.00 

Cleaning only

Cost: $55.00

Seasonal Cold Storage, Cleaning, Ironing and Glazing

Cost: $88.00

            ***Discounts given for 3 or more Garments***

If you are not located within driving distance, not to worry, we accept storage of items shipped to us as well. We also offer pickup and delivery.  For items shipped to us by mail, we charge an additional nominal fee for return shipping based on the item weight and shipping location. Once we receive your item, one of of our master furriers will inspect your garment and call you to discuss pricing totals prior to storage.