Meshekow Furs

Do you have one or more fur coats that you have inherited and don't know what to do with? Or have you "outgrown" your furs or don't wear fur anymore, but don't want to donate them or just give them away? Meshekow Furs can help  you by selling them to new owners that will appreciate these pre-owned furs for their beauty, environmental-friendliness, and lower price tags than new fur coats!

Feel free to stop by our store, e-mail us, or call us. If emailing and/or calling, we request you  please include a photo or two of the furs as well as a copy of any paperwork you might have for them. It is also helpful if you can give us any other pertinent information (the age of the furs, if the pelts are supple or drying out, if they were cold-stored or not, if they have any labels, size, length, etc.).

This will be very helpful for us to determine the marketability of the items. We will then email you in response.

We look forward to helping you consign your fur!